History: The Monarch's Journey

Congratulations on finding this page. Not everybody ends up finding it, you would be surprised to know. If you were smart enough to find the other two pages which were hidden in the home page, you can proceed without any difficulty.

You might think, oh, where did the Monarch go? He could have simply vanished, could he not? While that is plausible, it did not quite play out in that manner.

Out of all the things that were given to the Monarch by His father, a very specific piece of paper was the most important to the Monarch. That piece of paper dictated the rest of His life, in ways you shall find out if you seek the truth. His wives died, so did any desire for staying in His kingdom for the Monarch. He fled his territory and with Him He had that paper and the offspring of the horse His father had gifted Him. he had nothing to live for anymore, so this seemed to be the best idea.

What was in that paper, you may ask. Our team, here at Spyroclus, is divided as to whether we want to let you know about that. The steps through which you reached this page were fairly simple, so some members of our team think you are not capable, yet, of knowing the full truth.

If you manage to get to the next step of the maze, you may find out what it entails and why it, in the end, caused what it did. Our job is to give you the hint you need, the rest is up to you to figure out. Keep reading further to learn more.

With the piece of paper in His hand, He rode his horse till the reached His destination. Not quite His destination, but one that would lead Him to it. Now this is all hearsay from people we have interviewed, you may believe it if you want to, but a bit of healthy scepticism is expected from someone smart enough.

The first of the theories we have come across is that He survived by eating wild fruits and vegetables, until He died naturally. We, based on the very little amount of people who did tell us about this theory, consider it to be unlikely. Again, you are allowed to be sceptical. We encourage it.

The second theory suggests that He lived with several tribes throughout the last few years of His life, the majority of which had not known of His kingship until when he left those tribes. His way of ruling the kingdom for decades had implemented policies which wiped out several of these tribes, so that may be why He decided against letting them know. Again, we do not know how valid that piece of information is.

Please be sceptical about this information, you do not want to believe this to be true. Please do not read further if you cannot be sure about not believing it. It will seriously harm the investigation if our helpers is misguided.

However, do not disbelieve the history. It could be true. We are still investigating.

Following the second theory, we found descendants of tribe members claiming to have information on the Monarch.

ekhane ki likhbo